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IAS Medicare Hospital offers an extensive outcome to all general and laparoscopic surgical procedures in best possible way with highest and up-to-mark medical standards. We at General and Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital in Gurgaon, follow a customized protocol-grounded treatment, suited for our patient’s symptoms, age and their prospects that to at the most economical prices, along with superb qualities. These surgeries need tiny incisions with minimal procedure and low risk possibilities.

Our General and Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital in Gurgaon, is equipped with most advanced and latest technology-based instruments to perform simple as well as most complex laparoscopic and general surgeries. Laparoscope is a medical instrument, to which doctors use to do the laparoscopic procedures. These instruments have a thin and long tube with high resolution small camera and high intensity light at its top position. Doctors insert this laparoscopic instrument in the abdominal wall through a tiny incision to check the medical conditions and to do the surgeries. Every movement of the camera of this instrument offers the pictures to a connected video monitor. Laparoscopic instruments are frequently used for various type of surgeries for example small intestine and large intestine spleen, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, pelvic or reproductive organs.

If you are looking for experienced surgeons for high quality surgeries then at Our General and Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital in Gurgaon’s objective is to offer minimally invasive surgery in general and digestive surgery, to remove abdomen scars and minimum pain after the completion of surgery, and to offer our valuable patients such type of treatment with most impressive assessment, up-to-date and latest treatments equipped with clinical post-operative care and regular follow ups, to offer a successful medical process. Surgeons makes multiple tiny incisions in patients’ abdomen and inserts laparoscopic instruments, during the surgery the video camera of this instrument will assist to the surgeon to perform the surgical tool in best possible way and to finish the surgery in most precision way.

We at General and Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital in Gurgaon, provides most specialized minimum invasive surgery, during which the surgeon uses multiple tiny abdominal incisions (0.50 – 1.00 cm) to insert the laparoscopic and surgical instruments into abdominal cavity and holes to do the best and pain free surgeries. Our hospital is having years of experience doctors and surgeons, who have done multiple surgeries during in these years. They are well versed into their own field to offer our patients the most accurate and precise successful surgeries. There are some cases in which our surgeon has to made 3 cm wide incision, to remove the resected tumor. In laparoscopic surgery, the recovery time is very less than the normal surgeries.

As a most reputed General and Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital in Gurgaon, our mission is to offer quality and pain free surgeries at very economical prices. Our professional and qualified doctors use a long tube with high quality lens and light to view the organs and structures inside the body to remove the tissues and to make a successful surgery. Laparoscopy is a type of surgery that uses tiny incisions than you might anticipate. These procedures take its name from the laparoscope, a slender tool that has a high-quality video camera and light at its end section. When a surgeon inserts it through a tiny incision and into patient’s body, after that they can look at a video monitors, to watch what’s passing inside you. If surgeons will not use these laparoscopic tools and instruments, then they need to make a much larger openings, which is not a good thing for the recovery of the patients and precisions of the surgeries.

General & Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital

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General & Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital in Gurgaon

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