Patient Care: Visiting Information

Family Member's Guidelines

Family members are requested to take participation in care process positively whenever it will be required. Whenever any family member will come to hospital to meet to patient then they need to take permission from doctor and nursing staff.

IAS Medicare gives permission to only one attendant to stay with patient. We will offer a pass to that attendant and he will have to carry the pass with him every time because any hospital staff, management and security persons can ask for that pass.

If patient's friend and family member want to stay after visiting hours then they will have to take permission from management and they will have to give a written application for it.

There are following rules family members, close friends and attendants requested to obey:

  • Outside food will not be permitted in in-patients area.
  • Gift or flowers will not be allowed in in-patients area.
  • You need to be kept and maintained maximum possible silence in in-patients area.
  • Any time any doctor or nursing staff may ask you to leave the patients area then that you have to obey.

Visiting Hours

Attendant can enter the hospital multiple number of time until the patient will be discharged.

The visitors will be allowed to a specific duration which will be defined by the management and other hospital staff.

Attendant can visit to patient in ICU or ICCU for the time schedule and duration given to him by hospital management.

Visitors will not be allowed to visit to patient in ICCU or ICU.

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